Your Time
Psychological Therapy is a mental health treatment and is covered by medical insurance. An excused absence from work or school can be provided at your request. Therapy sessions are designed specifically for you, the more prepared you are for your session, the more value you will receive.

Therapy Rates
55-minute therapy sessions are 150.00
Initial Evaluations are 200.00 
A Reduced rate is available for those with financial needs.
Specialized treatment, crises intervention, complications, and additional time are billed separately.
Reports – Variable rates. Consultations - 150.00 per hour. Returned checks – 50.00
Off-site appointment fees may include additional travel fees if outside the Dripping Springs area.

In-Network insurance - TriCare, Seton HC, and  Medicare.

All other insurance is Out of Network.

It is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits. All deductibles, copays, co-insurance, and portions not covered by your insurance are your responsibility. My office is not liable for incorrect information regarding your insurance benefits or limitations. My office files insurance claims electronically and will make limited efforts to obtain benefit information and authorizations if needed, however, it does not guarantee payment by your insurance company. I recommend that you check your insurance benefits and limitations. All charges not covered will be billed and due upon receipt. I accept and file in and out of network insurance. 

Missed/Canceled Appointment Fees
My office requires a  minimum of 24-hour prior notice given to Sarah Horvath. Missed or canceled appointments without 24 -hour notice unless due to an emergency will incur a charge.
Giving as much notice as possible is appreciated as this allows me to provide services to someone else in need and maintain an efficient business.

Court Appearance
With subpoena to testify for a court hearing, trial, or related duty, I clear my schedule in advance of the court date. Specific policies minimize the impact on clients and the function of my office.
Court fees – 300.00 per hour - door-to-door time. 
Retainer fee - 1500.00 required 5 days prior to the court date or 600.00 and a credit card on file. Minimum charge 600.00
Charges will begin on the court date and end when released by the court or attorney, regardless of testimony or appearance.

Court Cancelations

My office requires a  minimum of 48-hour prior notice to Sarah Horvath, LCSW, given between the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday. 600.00 will be charged for late court cancelations.
Each hour for court will be charged as a full hour the minute the hour starts.
Forms of payment accepted: Check, money order, or credit card.





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