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Dripping Springs Therapy

Counseling for Children, Teens, and Adults


Online therapy is available for clients age 18 or older. 

Not all therapy issues are appropriate for online therapy.  Referrals and recommendations are made when online therapy is not the best choice.

With your request for an online session, I will email you a link to the HIPPA compliant portal and we will connect at the agreed appointment day and time. Credit card information will be secured for online sessions. Insurance is not accepted for online therapy.

To request an online appointment, email Sarah Horvath, LCSW

In addition to regular office policies, online therapy has the following additional policies: 

A Social Worker must be licensed in the state that the client being served is a resident.  I am licensed in the state of Texas; therefore you must be a resident of Texas to receive online therapy from me. This residency policy does not apply to in-office services.


Exclusive on-site therapy and consultation appointments are available with a referral. This type of appointment is helpful when you are unable to come into our office for a variety of reasons such as extensive privacy needs, a new baby, non -communicable illness, disabilities, or schedule conflicts. Insurance is not accepted for on-site appointments. 

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